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Dimensions & Bodywork – 911 GT3 Cup (Type 991)

• Total weight: approx. 1,200 kg

• Total length: 4,547 mm

• Total width: 1,851 mm

• Total height: 1,280 mm

• Wheel base: 2,458 mm

• Lightweight bodywork with smart aluminum-steel composite construction

• Welded-in roll cage, in compliance with FIA Homologation Regulations for safety cages

• Front bonnet with two air inlets for cockpit ventilation and quick fasteners

• Removable roof section

• Rescue bar analogue DTM system

• Modified and widened 911 GT3 fenders

• Modified rear wheel arches

• Modified and widened 911 GT3 front-end with spoiler lip

• Modified 911 GT3 rear-end with integrated rain light, in compliance with FIA Homologation Regulations

• Lightweight exterior:
CRP doors with sport-design rear-view mirrors
CRP rear engine lid with quick fasteners
CRP rear wing; adjustable

PC rear window
• Underbody tray with air routing for brake- and driveshaft cooling in the rear
• Modified 911 cockpit:
Magnesium sub-frame in light weight design

Ergonomic driver-oriented center console

Switch mask with fluorescent lettering

Steering wheel with quick release coupling, control panel and shift paddles

• Race bucket seat with longitudinal adjustment:
Homologated to latest FIA requirements
Individual padding system
Six-point seat belt
100 liter fuel cell (FT3 safety fuel cell)
Built-in air jack system (three legs)