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Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Brasil has four two-time champions contesting to become the first three-time champion of the series in 2015

Ricardo Rosset (2013 and 2010), Constantino Jr. (2011 and 2014), Miguel Paludo (2008 and 2009) and Ricardo Baptista (2007 and 2012) will battle to be the first three-time champion of the series. But this season’s competitors won’t ease a millimeter.

The engines of Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Brasil are running loud in 2015, with four two-time champions in action on the circuits of the season.

Champion of 2014 and also in 2011, as well as record holder for most wins with 37 triumphs, Constantino Jr. was one of the protagonists on the vast majority of the series’ races since last year, having already won the second race of this season.

The regularity that the #00 car showed to reach his second title is one of the mentioned carachteristics mentioned by the other two-time champions as key to the unprecedent three-time championship crown of Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge.

Second to Ricardo Baptista, champion of 2012 and 2007 seasons: “The expectation is the best possible, because we are having a championship that, as everything now is pointing at, will be defined on the last round. The battle for the title will be very tight. Many disputes for the poles and victories will still happen in 2015… to bring the three-time champion crown, regularity and speed to finish every time in front of the pack will be necessary”, argues the driver of the car #27.

Owner of 2013 and 2010 titles, Ricardo Rosset points out that this season is the most competitive in the history of Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge. Now with the car #11, he says the BOP (Balance of Performance, a ballast that changes from race to race depending on the current standings of the championship) this year will make the competition even more tight. Rosset says the evolution of the other drivers’ skills is something to be aware of: “Of course that the two-time champions are experienced and know the car very well, but in the end of the last season we saw the younger Cup drivers running very strong and I believe we’ll have new faces battling for the title in 2015”.

First two-time champion of the series (2008 and 2009), Miguel Paludo returns to Porsche GT3 Cup after more than 60 races in Nascar between 2010 and 2013. Paludo was the first foreigner to register a pole position on the traditional Daytona superspeedway on a national series of the “American Stock Car”. “It’s very exciting to be back to Porsche GT3 Cup, where my career really evolved. The car of this year is fantastic. When I left, the car was a different one”, said Miguel. His last race before returning to the series was in Baku, Azerbaijan, for Blancpain Sprint Series in 2014.
As well as in 2014, this year Porsche GT3 Cup will also have its subclasses – Cup Sport and Cup Master, disputed in parallel to the main championship. The first one is an entry class for younger drivers and last year registered very entertaining races between Eduardo Azevedo, Gil Farah, Franco Giaffone, Rodolfo Ometto and Daniel Schneider, among others; while the second is designated to drivers over 50 years old.