trabalhe conosco Área do Piloto Garanta Seu Ingresso

Oscar y Juan Gálvez Racetrack

Using the same layout as the Formula 1 in the 90s, Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge decided to race in the Argentinian capital’s racetrack in 2010 and 2011. In the first year, two historical races took place: the 100th race of the series (the second that day, for the Challenge class) and the last race of the stage which joined both classes (Cup and Challenge) for the first time. The following year two races for each class took place and one of the best in the Challenge class’ history: four drivers went through the championship’s leadership.

Interesting fact: Oscar y Jean Gálvez racetrack was opened in 1952 and in the next year started receiving Formula 1, and there Juan Manuel Fangio was always one of the highlights.